What about the ‘no lycra’ partner?

Your partner isn’t into wearing lyrca and wants to know why you have to take your bike with you on every holiday. This is often a major barrier for those who want to get away on a cycling holiday. It’s a fair question and is often asked by non cycling partners, “What am I supposed to do?”

Understanding that it’s hard to get a leave pass to go on a cycling holiday, we have introduced a French Food and Wine Discovery Tour. This tour runs along side our cycling trip and is hosted by highly regarded local French chef Andre Smaniotto. This trip is aimed at offering a full gastronomic experience to those non riding partners or even just lovers of French fare! 

We lycra loving people understand that France is arguably the sentimental home of cycling. With it’s long history of the Tour de France and picturesque scenery it’s the perfect holiday for us cycling enthusiasts. Those that have been to France will know it also has many other attractions making it the number one most visited country in the world.  

So if you have a partner who doesn’t ride a bike wearing lycra or just loves French food and wine, check out Andre’s French Food and Wine Week. 

(you just might get a leave pass! )

Andre’s 7 night Food and Wine Discovery Tour

  •  Explore traditional French markets 
  •  Visit a Pyrenees winery
  •  Degustation lunch cooked by Michelin Star chefs
  •  Cooking masterclasses by Andre
  •  Some relaxation therapy at a famous thermal spa 
  •  Visit Artisan cheese maker 


About the author: rideitoff